Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1

It's October first! Where in the heck did September go?

I wonder if I can average 1 pound loss per day until Christmas. There are 86 days from now until Dec 25. Hmm, 86 pounds. Probably not. That is very likely impossible. Still, it is good to set the goal high and see how close I can get.

Today's intake:
Chicken breast, banana pepper slices, a quarter of a sweet potato and LOTS of water.

Today's exercise:
20 minutes recumbent bike


  1. A pound a day til Christmas should be doable if... wait... do you have to be alive at the end? Okay then, scratch my first idea...

  2. Haha… I know. Crazy, unreasonable and unprecedented in my own history of losing. Ah well, like I said I'm setting the bar way up there to see if it will make me jump higher. :P Oh, and yes I want to be alive at the end and still have all of my limbs and not lose my hair (not that my hair weighs that much but it requires a healthy diet to not fall out).


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