Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3

-3.6lbs today | -5lbs total since October 1, 2014

81 pounds to go

If only the weight loss would maintain this speed. I'm able to drop quickly due to going back to very low carb after a month+ of eating fruit along with other AIP foods (AIP is not necessarily low carb).

It is another, rainy day. But it is also glorious Friday!

I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. I took two Advil PM when I went to bed but was still awake, tossing and turning. Poor Loki just wanted me to be still so HE could sleep. I took two Benadryl tablets at 3am and I guess I finally made it to sleep sometime between 3:30 and 4am.

I suppose I had too much work on my brain. I was troubled all evening wondering how I was going to get a client what he needed without giving him access to my other client files. I finally made a backup of everything (including database) and gave him instruction on how to do what he wanted to do. Vague enough for you? Ah well, it's boring work talk. Problem solved and I can get back to my happy thoughts of the weekend.

Today's intake:
Chicken breast, a quarter of a sweet potato, 1 square of dark chocolate and LOTS of water.

Today's exercise:
15 minutes recumbent bike

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