Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh no… almonds!

The massive amount of work is beginning to lull. I finished two projects today. More are on the horizon.

Loki was much better last night. Cro tested that picture frame he likes to rock and decided that he would actually have to lift it before it will fall. I feel less tense when I hear him knocking it around now. Our plan is to just ignore it and he will realize that is no longer an effective means of getting attention.

I got a full night of sleep for what seems like the first time this week. Ornery cat.

Last night I had almonds. I knew I shouldn't but ah well, stuff happens. They had better not mess up a loss for tomorrow, I didn't have very many but I'm obviously wishing I hadn't had them. I guess they are my next AIP introduction.

Cro made a roast last night and is making ratatouille for a carry-in at his work tomorrow. He is such a good cook.

Today intake:
Chicken breast, bell pepper strips, red cabbage, 1 square of dark chocolate and lots of water.

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