Thursday, June 4, 2015

An ounce of prevention…

… or an ounce of preparation in this case. I portioned out a few days worth of quick grab-n-go LC meals.

One of my freelance clients (one of my very first freelance clients since going all-in freelance) is that food truck guy you might remember from a few years ago. Cro and I attended a tasting he hosted prior to starting the food truck operation. Anyway, he is expanding to a second brick and mortar location while still going strong with the food truck, AND he is wanting the website renewed. New look, new menu, mobile friendly, all that. So researching what to recommend is on my plate this week.

Yesterday was like freelancer Christmas. I got a call asking if I was available for another Wordpress website build and to design a new section for an existing non-Wordpress one. I have the food truck/restaurant site mentioned above to do, two more sites that I quoted and could hit any moment (the client is gathering info and making decisions), two enewsletters (one due to send tomorrow) and an eblast to announce an OPEN HOUSE with RSVP signups for one of my home builders.

So yeah, a lot in the cue. This comes after a couple of slower weeks so I have to celebrate the stress.

Sorry for all of the boring work news. I'll try to talk about something else next time. ;)

[ 7g ] 1/4 stuffed bell pepper
[ 3g ] cauliflower
[ 7g ] 1/4 stuffed bell pepper
[ 3g ] cauliflower
[ 0g ] protein of some sort

=====Total 20 carbs=====

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