Friday, June 12, 2015

$ = :(

Too many carbs yesterday at the movie even though we brought LC snacks. Since I don't have the magic ability of changing the past I can only make today better.

The movie we saw was SPY, which Matt and I both loved. Great movie and very funny. :D

I'm rather blue today due to receiving a bill for the remainder I owe in taxes and knowing that it's too big of a chunk of money for me to comfortably part with right now. Freelance taxes suck so much. But again, no magic abilities and I can only go forward. I think I'm going to have to do a payment plan rather than the entire amount at once. It's only 3k, but unlike years past, 3k is a big deal to me. If all of my freelance clients would pay on time I wouldn't be worried.

Pfft, money.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 8g ] lamb stew
[ 8g ] lamb stew

=====Total 0 carbs=====

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