Sunday, June 7, 2015

duck duck HAWK

Cro worked the entire day Friday even though he wasn't feeling well (light-headed and nauseated). Yesterday he determined it is another kidney stone coming on. :(

Yesterday while out and about he noticed a baby duck who was all alone and yelling peep! peep! peep! peep! peep! at the edge of a parking lot which was adjacent to a busy 4-line street. The poor little guy was calling for momma to come because he was lost and alone.

We walked toward it slowly but he ducked (haha ducked) under a hedge and out the other side. Cro said he would be very difficult to catch. We both wanted to gather him up and offer him safety and return him to momma if we could find her.

We reluctantly went back to Cro's vehicle and made a slow round of the parking area in hopes of seeing his lost family. We had only gone around the parking area once when Cro said "Nope, a hawk has him". Wow, that was fast! A huge hawk was happily dining on baby duck under a tree at the edge of the lot. Cro crept the vehicle as close as we could but Mr. Hawk was wise to being watched and took to the air with breakfast in his grasp.

We both felt sad for little baby duck but Cro was happy that at least it was serving a purpose rather than being squashed under traffic and wasted. Hawks need to eat too.

[ 2g ] egg, 1oz cream cheese, 1 tsp Da Vinci SF syrup, 1 TBSP butter, boiling hot tea (all mixed into a frothy breakfast drink
[ 3g ] P3 ham (shared the ham with Loki and the gliders), Didn't eat all of the nasty low-fat cheese
[ 15g ] Dreamfield's (it doesn't spike my sugar if prepared carefully), mac-n-cheese powder, 1oz peanuts

=====Total 20 carbs=====

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