Wednesday, June 10, 2015

everything-in-one-pot stew

I'm hoping to make a lamb stew today. I've not made one before but I bought some lamb meat and I have a couple of sweet potatoes that need to be used so why not?

Okay, I made a throw-it-together lamb stew with chunks of boneless lamb "for stew", chopped red onion [11 carbs], minced garlic [1.5 carbs], a diced sweet potato [32 carbs], a can of tomato soup [28 carbs] (because I didn't have plain tomatoes in any form) and a dash of nearly every spice in the rack that I thought might go well with this [4 carbs]: cinnamon, cumin, cloves, coriander seeds, ginger, nutmeg (teeny amount because the shaker was empty), thyme. If it turns out well I'll make a proper list I can remember… it smells good already but I added two tomato soup cans filled with water and want to let it simmer on low for a couple of hours.

After a quick tally of carbs for everything I put in, this lamb stew will be less than 8 carbs when divided into 10 servings.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 8g ] lamb stew
[ 8g ] lamb stew

=====Total 17 carbs=====

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