Monday, June 15, 2015

GoT stuff (spoilers)

The GoT finale was last night. The big topic of discussion is…


You've been warned… spoilers start now…
Is Jon Snow really dead? For real (show real). Will he be resurrected like Beric Dondarrian was? Did he worg into Ghost at the last moment before death?

I think he is really dead and that he will be resurrected. The same cliff hanger ended the last book too. Cro and I both agree we want GRRM to finish and release the next book so we can have that question answered by the books before the HBO series.

But what I really want to know is, did Brianne really kill Stannis on the show (she didn't in the books) and did he suffer much or did he get a quick death? His decision to allow the burning of his innocent little daughter in exchange for the LoL's (Lord of Light, not Laugh out Loud) help in battle sort of made me want him to suffer. I also wanted Davos to kill him but I suppose HBO felt Brianne had first dibs.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 4g ] ground beef and cauliflower
[ 28g ] half stuffed pepper

=====Total 33 carbs=====


  1. Just finished watching! I hope he worged!! Do you recommend reading the books? I am thinking about it and then binge watching again before next season.

  2. Me too. :D Yes, I remember the books but it's been awhile so I may just read again. If I remember right, the last thing he said in the books was "Ghost"… so maybe he worged. Regardless I don't think he's gone for good.

  3. *recommend… there is soooo much more to the books than they could possibly put in a television show.


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