Tuesday, June 9, 2015

insidious laughter & pain

I made a good start on the new website for food truck guy. But today's post isn't to be about my freelance work since I know that talking about that everyday is boring!

Matt and I are going to see a movie later this week. It happens to be the same day Lowes will be delivering the new oven Cro ordered for us. I think that day will go fast and be very fun. New toy, new movie, good friend. We are either going to see the next Insidious movie or one called SPY starring Melissa McCarthy. SPY is getting very good reviews. I don't think two movies could be more opposite in that Insidious (3 I think) is bound to startle and scare us while SPY would hopefully leave us in tears of laughter.

I can tell that Cro is still hurting from the kidney stones. I try not to mention the pain too much as he says he tries to keep his mind off of it. It usually takes about two weeks for him to go through. ow ow ow

I plan to have more of Cro's yummy pork roast, braised cabbage with bacon and grilled squash with onions today. He made a big batch in hopes that our old range would make it through at least one more mighty effort so the food wouldn't have to be frozen. It did fantastic.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 8g ] pork roast, cabbage braised with bacon and grilled squash with onions
[ 8g ] pork roast, cabbage braised with bacon and grilled squash with onions

=====Total 17 carbs=====

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