Thursday, June 18, 2015

Loki 1 - Firefly 0

Yep, he is officially a vetted hunter. While watching television with Loki snuggling in my lap I heard Cro say "Lightening bug". I looked up just as it flew over. Loki had nearly dozed off but was looking in another direction so I gently lifted his chin. BOOM! The moment when he saw it was very apparent. A jolt of excited energy went through him and he was immediately on his feet with a joyful MEOW!

The firefly landed on the drapes and Loki was right behind in pursuit. A tug on the drapes caused the bug to fall within Loki's reach so he tentatively put his nose close to it and took a trial lick. I could see him thinking as he cautiously licked it a few more times and finally had it in his mouth. He bit down and his eyes popped wider in surprise. Ew! Bug! Chew chew chew, down the hatch and it was gone.

I was so proud of him, lol.

Loki of house Smith, First of his Name, Protector of the Realm.

We are going to have to be extra vigilant if a bee ever gets in to keep him from trying to eat it. Being stung is bad!

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 16.2g ] stuffed pepper
[ 0g ] item

=====Total 0 carbs=====

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