Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cauli-garlic-cheese sticks

Night before last I dreamt of kittens. I can remember their sweet little fuzzy faces but not much else about the dream. It was clear in my memory when I first woke up, but it's gone now, lol.

Okay, so that topic fizzed out like a drop of water on hot pavement.

I plan to make garlic/cheese cauliflower breadsticks today. Alas, garlic-cheese-caulistick plans have been foiled by my oven. It decided it was time to beep non-stop and display an FO error after finishing roasting the cauliflower. So, breadsticks won't be happening. I cringe thinking of another large appliance needing to be replaced (we had to replace the dishwasher last month).

[ 3g ] P3 (ham. almonds and cheese)
[ 3g ] cauliflower breadsticks : oven went kaput after roasting the cali
[ 2g ] 4 blackberries
[ 3g ] cauliflower
[ 0g ] steak

=====Total 11 carbs=====

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