Wednesday, June 17, 2015

rebooting the morning

My day isn't starting up with engines roaring. I dreamt of kittens again, but this time it was a bunch of mom's kittens and Loki was mixed in with the group. Then suddenly things changed so that it was a family in an rv, driving on one of those "most dangerous roads in America" roads that wind up a mountain with no railings. The dad was driving and calming his family with words of bravado. After taking a break at a rest stop, the mom took over driving. When she came back to the middle of the rv with a refreshment for the dad, he said "um, who's driving?" That's when one of the two sons began floating toward the roof and said "I'm falling!". Everyone was falling. I guess I was just an observer in this dream because I watched them all float up and break through the roof of the rv, then come crashing down.

Afterwards I was back at moms and trying to gather up the kittens so I could find Loki. I found him but he wasn't a black cat, he was white with black marbling. In the dream it was definitely him though.

Dreams aside, I made my bullet-proof tea but on first sip I knew something was different – not bad, just different. Oh haha. I forgot to put the tea bags in when I was boiling the water. So it was bullet-proof water. I had put a couple of squirts of Mio fruit punch flavor in it so it just tasted like hot punch. It still had the egg and TBSP of grass-fed butter (an odd name since it's the cow who eats the grass, not the butter).

And with that, I'll try to get started with my day. Cro is still hurting from kidney stones but hopefully that will "pass" in a few days.

I don't know where I got the huge number I had been recording for my stuffed peppers but on recalculating it is only 8.1 carbs per each half. 

• 8carbs per pepper x 3 peppers = 24carbs
• 8 oz cream cheese = 9.6carbs
• pinch of shredded cheddar to top each half (6 halves) = 3carbs
• 1 small yellow onion = 12carbs
divided by 6 servings = 8.1 carbs per serving

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea… water
[ 8.1g ] half stuffed pepper
[ 8.1g ] half stuffed pepper

=====Total 17.2 carbs=====

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