Friday, July 31, 2015

Ants, bulldozers and getting lost in the construction labyrinth

Today is Cro's late day at work. He'll go in by 3pm and stay until he has finished the monthly database updates for all of the offices (I think there are 5 or 6 and several of those are offices in other countries). He usually finishes by midnight, give or take.

The movie with Matt was fun. It was a cute movie for Advengers-type stuff. Man shrinking to ant-size and made the captain of an army of ants. At one point one of the ants was reverse-shrunk to the size of a dog. The man's little girl kept it as a doggy-pet. There were a couple of not cute moments when people were killed but I won't spoil it any further for you.

Matt warned me about road construction and that I wouldn't be able to get to his office the normal way. There was one "back road" that I would need to turn down to get to his office and of course I missed it. The Jeep was even treated to a bit of off-road when I turned into an area that turned out to be a dead end of bulldozers and other constructy equipment and vehicles. U-turn, back up the walls of the shallow hole and we were outta there! Matt lead me through the construction labyrinth on the way home.

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 8g ] cashews
[ 0g ] slice of ham
[ 0g ] item

=====Total 0 carbs=====

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