Wednesday, July 15, 2015

baby steps

It's gonna take some learning – and practice – but drawing with a digital stylus on the ipad is going to be amazing. Oddly, or maybe not, when I first tried it felt so unnatural that I couldn't draw anything. I stuck with it and played around with what I called a trash drawing just to get the feel of what producing lines felt like. I'll show you the trash and hope after time to be able to show you some not-so-much-trash. lol

Just like with the diet, it may be fun to show you the evolution of my efforts into translating skill on paper and canvas to skill creating digital media.

First, here's a speed charcoal drawing on paper, a pen & ink cartoon and a huge (taller than me) oil painting on canvas to establish what type of work I've done in the past with traditional media. The man-dog painting is actually in various stages of finished. The feet and bottom of the painting is in a finished state but face and top half of the painting could have used another day or two (which would be two 3-hour sessions of class time). Ah well, I turned it in as is, claiming it as finished (college class deadline) and won recognition. It's a story for post-secret. :P

charcoal on paper
pen & ink on paper

oil on canvas

My digital efforts with the ipad begin with the following baby-steps of trash. I'll call them "learning to sketch on iPad" and hope to show you progress over time as I get the feel for it.

learning to sketch on iPad 1
discovering marks

learning to sketch on iPad 2
discovering eraser for touch-up

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with unsweetened cocoa (it wasn't bad at all)
[ 10g ] 1/2 serving carbquik biscuit with small portion of stuffed pepper-----
[ 16g ] 3 chilidogs with onion and cheese, no bun of course

=====Total 30 carbs=====

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