Wednesday, July 8, 2015

clocks are not essential survival gear

I dreamt that Cro and I were each filling a backpack with essential survival gear. Stuff that would make life easier if we were suddenly thrown into an apocalypse. I remember packing a few clothes, batteries and a battery-operated alarm clock (lol… like a clock would be essential in an apocalypse). We were going to hide our packs outside somewhere in case militants forced us out of the house. I'm thinking Hunger Games/GoT. I took a step outside and discovered I was on a middle floor of a high-rise building filled with elephants and other non-city animals. The building was on fire and I was compelled to climb to the next floor up in order to help the frightened animals. Hmm, seems like elephants have appeared in other apocalyptic dreams of mine from long ago.

I ordered a 3lb box of CarbQuik and plan to make sausage/cheese meatballs tomorrow (or soon). Not with the entire 3lbs but with some. :) I also ordered some Quest bars.

[ 0g ] slice of ham
[ 10g ] salsa chili with sprinkle of shredded cheddar
[ 8g ] KIND bar
[ 0g ] a slice of ham
[ 1g ] shredded cheese and one peanut :P

=====Total 19 carbs=====

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