Thursday, July 2, 2015


I have too many projects suddenly but I can't say no to anything when there is weekend time available for me to work. Still, the pile of projects has me feeling a little stressed. I think my dream last night was in response to the stress… I dreamed that dad and mom were visiting me! Dad was visiting to help me with my woes. :) It's always so wonderful to have a person on your side that would do anything to help you. He was sitting at our little table when I walked in and after talking with me and fixing things he asked "You wouldn't happen to have any iced tea would you?" Just the way he would say it! I said I might and if I didn't I would make some.

It was great to see my dad… even if it's just in a dream. <3

And back to my pile of work, things seem more in control today. I had to ask a client to clarify a few things and that clarification came through this morning. Isn't it funny how clients can be so busy with their own projects that they seem to think we are mind readers. Haha… I do try and am fairly good at digging in attempt to find information on my own. Still, it makes a project go faster if they give me all the info.

And that concludes a boring work post which I'll try to keep to a minimum.

Yesterday's recommitment to my diet has me feeling good today. It may be a long road ahead but at least I'm back on the horse and no longer walking in the mud.

[ 3g ] P3 without the ham because I shared it out between Loki and the gliders
[ 16g ] stuffed pepper
[ 10g ] ground beef & sausage, black beans, salsa, sprinkle of shredded cheddar

=====Total 29 carbs=====

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