Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Downtime when it comes to websites isn't a happy vacation moment for me. It's usually a ball of ugly stress. I started work with the surprise of the GoDaddy servers having an issue. The site I was working on was down and the live website (which isn't my work) was also down. In fact, GoDaddy seemed to have issues with all of the hosted sites I checked (I only checked 4) but its own homepage was fine. lol

Anyway, I had backed up the site I was working on last night so I just migrated it from DropBox to a different server (Bluehost) and all was well with being able to continue to work.

Cro let me know last night and again this morning that he doesn't care for GoDaddy. I can't say that I feel much differently after the downtime.

and *patooey*. I just got the work talk about of my system. I sort of really need to get back to it though. *pulls on the proverbial work boots*

Movie with Matt tomorrow! :D

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 0g ] item
[ 15g ] salsa chili with red beans rather than black, diced onion and sprinkle of cheddar

=====Total 19 carbs=====

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