Friday, July 10, 2015


stuffed pepper deconstructed
A new (refurbished from Apple) ipad Air 4 with Retina display is on it's way to me. I also ordered a stylus. I weighed the cost against need mitigated by the fact that the project I need it for covers the cost. No profit for that one project versus new equipment that will make life easier for future projects. I chose new equipment and am excited about it. :) I was going to settle for a slightly cheaper used ipad 3 but Cro talked me into the newer refurb model direct from Apple (so it won't be used, it will be all new and shiny and wonderful and also have a faster processor).

I'm EXCITED! and it's Friday. And I have work to do so I'd better get to it.

[ 10g ] portion of stuffed pepper deconstructed
[ 10g ] portion of stuffed pepper deconstructed
[ 4g ] Quest bar - the S'mors flavor is PU ew! too bad I ordered a whole box

=====Total ? carbs=====

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