Tuesday, July 7, 2015

happy Godzilla day

Work is crazy-go-nuts this week. Very cool. Very busy. Very tired.

I discovered something cool this morning! You know (if you use Google.com) that Google changes their logo to pay homage to an important event that falls on that day. I guess today must be Japanese monster day. Curious to find out more I clicked on the Google.com logo and it expanded into a little interactive animated movie. So cool and I didn't know it would do that!

I texted Matt about the Google stuff and he says the guy in the game is Eiji Tsuburaya, creator of Ultraman and Godzilla effects. Yesterday was his 114th birthday. :)

I'm still in the stage of getting back to proper eating that it sucks! But one good thing about being so busy is it keeps my mind out of the fridge.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 0g ] slice of ham
[ 10g ] salsa chili with sprinkle of shredded cheddar
[ 8g ] KIND bar

=====Total 19 carbs=====

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