Saturday, July 11, 2015


It was a hugely stressful week and next week promises to be the same or worse. However - I DO get to take this weekend off unlike last holiday weekend which was filled with work. I mean I COULD work this weekend but I told Cro that I wouldn't and I do know I need the break.

Loki is going MRAWWWERRR MWOWWWWW because he wasn't ready to get up yet. He can make the longest, loudest, funniest noise when he feels he's been slighted. Cro and I like to mimic him and turn it into a song. My favorite is doing the MEAW-E-OWW-E-OWWWW… MRAW WAH WAAAH rendition of that old west riff when the coyboys are having a standoff, before the start of a gunfight duel or when they ride into the dangerous unknown.

My new (refurb) ipad is due to arrive on Tuesday! I hope I'm not too busy to be able to touch it until evening. I'm not so excited that I've dreamt about it – yet – but I'm pretty darned excited. The stylus is supposed to arrive tomorrow, which will be the sad. It will just sit alone until Tuesday when its buddy arrives and we can play!

Matt and I are going to see Ant Man sometime soon though we don't yet know which evening will be best so are going to decided when the day gets closer.


July 11 :: Weight change for the week :: -2

July 4 :: Weight change for the week :: -6

TOTAL :: -8

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