Sunday, July 19, 2015

pressure sensitive

It's a term that has more than one meaning for me.

Yes, I myself am pressure sensitive. Pressure often gives me stress. Stress makes me feel bad. I realize this is a design flaw in myself. I'm too pressure sensitive for a word filled with pressure. But pressure also keeps me moving. Without it I tend to languish and delight in my own creativities. (Oh, to live the life of the rich and irresponsible.) Cro suggested that I focus my "off-the-clock" creativities into an Etsy shop. Maybe, but first I need to collect a large amount of them and put them into a salable format. This adds pressure/stress. lol

And for another meaning that this post was actually supposed to be about… I bought a pressure sensitive digital stylus. I ordered it from Amazon and chose same-day delivery since it was being offered free (free with Prime membership which really isn't free-free but still… same day delivery!"

After I put the stylus in my Amazon cart and went to check-out, same-day delivery was no longer offered. What? Bait and switch? Cro said that it was only available for multi-item orders. Okay. So I added a pack of batteries and yes! Same-day was back. I checked out and got an email confirmation that said the batteries would be delivered by 9 that evening but the stylus would be delivered on Wednesday. What?!? No good! I cancelled the order.

Second attempt: I added batteries (the stylus doesn't use batteries – by the way, it was just a cheap item to add in order to get same-day to pop up). I added the stylus AFTER the batteries and yeah, same-day was available again. THIS time the email confirmation said the stylus would be delivered by 9pm and the batteries would be delivered on Wednesday. lol

At 6pm the doorbell rang and it was the stylus. WooHoo! So now I have a pressure sensitive stylus for my iPad. I hope it alleviates that feeling of drawing with a Q-Tip. We shall see.

I'll do another practice sketch to get the feel for things and then I need to buckle down and come up with something more out of my head rather than simply referring to a photo. Oh my, here comes some pressure again.

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 15g ] Dreamfields and queso
[ 8g ] berries
[ 5g ] Dark chocolate
[ 0g ] beef stew meat

=====Total 32 carbs=====

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