Monday, July 13, 2015


Cro and I watched what he called the most realistic survival show he's seen on television. It's called "Alone" and the last person to remain in the competition of 10 contestants wins $500,000.

They each are allowed 10 items from a list of allowed items, get a can of bear spray and a flair and are dropped off in a remote northern pacific island area (Vancouver Island). They have to carry 45lbs of camera equipment with them to film their own experience. Their location is monitored with GPS.

Since they are doing their own filming they really are alone. I don't think they even get to know when they are the last one left in the competition. They go into it knowing they can stay up to one year and the goal is to stay as long as they can. We were (well Cro was) surprised that 3 of the 10 men had tapped out of the competition by the end of day 3.

Cro could have done this, no problem, 10 years ago. He actually did something like this (without the chance of big prize money) when he was in college though he wasn't alone and the goal was research and not isolation. He probably could still do it but life, bills, and the need to keep a job get in the way.

Me, no. I would tap out within a couple of days I'm sure. No internet, no air conditioning, no clean water, no shelter, no.

And speaking of surviving harsh conditions, today is going to be a hell day and I'm not allowed to tap out. The one good thing about a hell day is that by tomorrow it – this one at least – will be over.

[ 1g ] bullet-proof tea
[ 20g ] carbquik biscuit with small portion of stuffed pepper
[ 8g ] KIND bar

=====Total 29 carbs=====


  1. I'm going to have to watch that show!

  2. Found it! Gonna start watching online as soon as I can today.

  3. I like it even more than the drama-filled shows like Survivor and Naked and Afraid. It's very real and gives insight into what it's like to rely on only yourself - no one to blame and no one to lean on.


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