Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I'm feeling very very very blue today.

Ah the blog life. I'll regret posting how I'm feeling later. My blog is supposed to be pleasant for other people to read and not a pity party for myself. :P <-- emoticon to erase the Debby Downer vibe I've got going on. Probably didn't work. lol  <-- another attempt to lighten the mood.

I'll surely feel less blue next time I update this.

*update: I think I am finally pulling free of the blues a bit. Not because anything has changed. I just decided to be happy. After all, being blue isn't helping anything and it doesn't feel good at all. Moods are a funny thing.

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 8g ] KIND bar
[ 4g ] 1 chicken sausage with onion

=====Total 20 carbs=====

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