Monday, August 3, 2015

blog too quiet

It feels like I've been blogging to myself for weeks. Maybe I am.

It's Monday again which sort of sucks but hmm, why? It's a day of my life and I shouldn't look at it as being a sucky day before it's even proven itself. Sure, it's a day that Cro is gone to his own office and I am focused on starting a new work week too. Maybe rather than saying Monday sucks I should (in the name of perspective) list the things that do and hopefully do not suck about it.

I made an impromptu chili for lunch (and enough for 3 more meals. I had no salsa but did have ground beef, onions, a can of tomato-basil soup and some cayenne pepper. A hot meal was good.

1lb ground beef
chopped vidalia onion (6g net carbs)
tomato-basil soup (38 net carbs)
Divided by 4 servings: 11 carbs per serving

• having to get up early
• Cro is gone for the day
• I am in work-mode
• having to remind a client of money owed to me
• sending invoices to clients who I bill for monthly work done

• finished sending the monthly invoices
• the chili was good
• half the day is gone
• A friend posted that he forgot to remove his glasses before getting into the shower this morning. At least I didn't do that.
• said hi to reader who hasn't posted before
• Cro texted that he plans to leave on-time tonight :)

[ 4g ] bullet-proof tea with Splenda-sweetened cocoa
[ 11g ] impromptu chili
[ 1g ] shredded sharp cheddar
[ 11g ] impromptu chili
[ 1g ] shredded sharp cheddar

=====Total 28 carbs=====


  1. DOES NOT SUCK: Got a blog commenter.
    SUCKS: Look who it is...

  2. You're not blogging to yourself:) I read! Question: do you eat only one meal a day? Do you eat ketogenic? (or is it "ketogenically", ha) I have been for three months now, my hot flashes went away but I haven't lost much weight. My cravings have disappeared, mostly, so I am sticking with it.


  3. Hi Della! Nice to meet you and to know there are people out there. :) I aim for 30 carbs per day and however many meals that works out to. Lately I've been having bullet-proof tea for one or two of the meals. I just do low carb which can be ketogenic

  4. I'm here too! I forget to comment!

  5. Yay :) I see your posts of LB on facebook. Nice that he doesn't care for sweets!


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