Monday, August 24, 2015

LOVE to vs HAVE to

We watched:

• Season 2 finale of Lillyhammer - SO GOOD. We loved it.
• Season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. - A bit boring in that it was the setup episode. Introductions and back-story for lots of people. Interesting enough and I'm sure it will get better. It's hard to love something before you are invested in the characters and that comes with time. The son with the drug problem knocked me out of the fantasy world a few times when his true accent came through. To keep people in the fantasy world it is important not to drop character (even a seemingly small drop of character like an unexplained British accent).

We are trying out Sling TV in hopes of dropping our expensive cable tv. So far it really bugs me that is isn't HD. I'm HDTV spoiled. It also bugs me lots that we won't be able to use a DVR with it. I often DVR a show that I don't want to miss but don't have time to watch at the moment. Still, Sling TV is $70 a month cheaper than our cable television plan. Cro says it's not like we don't have enough money for food. Well no, but is HD and DVR worth $70 per month? We only watch television in the evenings and some on weekends (mostly evenings). It isn't our life, it's a convenient enjoyment. We'll probably keep cable, but maybe SlingTV will improve enough that we'll switch in future. There, I made a decision. :D

I quoted a job cheap-cheap even though the amount of work is going to be big-big, the deadlines tight-tight, and the quality of work has to be great. I guess I didn't take note of the choose 2 adage. Ya know, choose two, you can't have all three: QUALITY - PRICE - FAST. Ah well, they get all three and I get the project.

Here is the beginnings of my latest monkey sketch. I've got him much further along but this is the rough beginnings that I'm comfortable sharing (I love even the beginnings and it's difficult to put aside the stuff I LOVE to work on for the stuff I HAVE to do). Such is life.

[ 2g ] bullet-proof tea with Stevia-sweetened dark cocoa
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item

=====Total 0 carbs=====


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