Monday, August 31, 2015

Ruts, Happy Endings & Fear.

I do get in ruts regarding my eating. That can be good because I don't need to think about what to have, I just have the automatic. That can be bad when I am out of whatever the automatic go-to is. That makes planning ahead very important so I have ingredients to prepare my rut-meals and don't have to forage for something else.

Today is Cro's late day (end of the month inventory) so he'll be asleep until 2pm or thereabouts. He'll leave for work at 3pm and I won't see him until near midnight. When his late day falls on any day but Friday it's pretty hard on him. Even though he'll work until midnight tonight he has to be at work tomorrow by 9am. My nurse friends are probably saying "oh boo-hoo" because their schedules are much more chaotic on a regular basis. ;)

I finished the Wayward Pines trilogy last night and yeah, it's much better than the television series. The ending even surprised me which was pretty cool. I think it was a happy ending but really it's left unknown.

We watched the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Kon predicted it wouldn't be that great and would have a lot of focus on the drug-addicted kid, using every cliche in the book to show him taking risks to get drugs, going through withdrawal, causing family tension. So far Kon is right. I'm still liking it though.

[ 2g ] bullet-proof tea with Stevia-sweetened dark cocoa
[ 10g ] salsa chili
[ 10g ] salsa chili

=====Total 22 carbs=====

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