Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The sun came out

What a huge difference a day makes! For realz!

I kid you not, yesterday's pain was the sick-to-my-stomach type of pain that made it hard to think about anything else. It was like a monkey with a knife would stab and carve into my knee whenever I moved. I heard my phone text chime and it took me nearly three minutes to stand up from my chair, let the pain settle, hobble 20 feet across the room, get my phone, hobble 20 feet back and sit in the chair again so I could answer the text. I couldn't bend my left knee while walking and sitting at my desk with it bent for too long also became unbearable. When I went to stretch it out and elevate it, there was the monkey with the knife again (little b@$#*-&). I know, wah wah wah like a baby. I rolled my eyes at Cro after I'd spent a good 15 minutes in the kitchen only because he looked at me when I was finished and hobbling back to my chair and said "Do you need help?" :( I apologized over and over but I wish I could take it back. :( I hope he knows it was the pain and that it wasn't normal me. :(

Today I'm hobbling twice as fast, don't need to be touching a wall for fear of it giving out and dumping me to the floor, and it doesn't hurt like knives when I stand up and straighten it. I think by this time next week I'll be back to normal. The goose-egg on my ankle is still there and still feels tight, but it really hasn't hurt at all.

My Flash banner ads client gave me another project that is due Friday and the large project I've been working on all week is also due for client review Friday. Oh, and I didn't mention a new possible client, conference call and quote I did Monday. I hope it goes through because it will be a fun little site (vintage comic books). All in all, life is good!

[ 2g ] bullet-proof tea with Stevia-sweetened dark cocoa
[ 20g ] chili with cream cheese
[ 20g ] chili with cream cheese

=====Total 42 carbs=====


  1. Since we have wall-to-wall dogs at my house, I've decided that they need to get out of my way during late-night shuffling to the bathroom instead of the other way round. If I tried to chart a course that doesn't disrupt animals, I might as well sleep outside...

    Get well soon.

  2. So you get out of their way during their late-night shuffling to the bathroom? Oh so confused. Thanks for the get well wishes!


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