Thursday, August 20, 2015

WAH wah

I got another spammer comment this morning. Gee thanks. For future reference to the spammers, if I don't know you and your comment is something like this:  "Hey, I've been reading and I want to ask you something, email me at SomeSpammerEmail-or-WebsiteDotCom… please don't bother and don't waste my time.

I find that about as exciting as pop-up advertising that says "You are a Winner!!!. Click Here to See What You've Won."


Cro asks me every morning and every evening when he gets home "How is your leg?" I can happily say both the knee and the ankle are recovering well! I don't have constant big pain though I still have to move carefully. The ankle is still swollen but doesn't hurt unless I purposely stretch it too far (in an effort to work out the stiffness). Yay :D

[ 2g ] bullet-proof tea with Stevia-sweetened dark cocoa
[ 8g ] salsa chili (without cheese)
[ 20g ] tomato bisque soup

=====Total 30 carbs=====


  1. I got the same spammer message. What a job huh? Go randomly post crap messages on blogs. I'm working up my courage to try bulletproof stuff. Any tips?

  2. Hey, I've been reading and I want to ask you something: who's your favorite blogger named Jack?

    Dammit, that came out kinda spammy.... my bad!

  3. Jack :) You are my favorite spammer.

    SheZug - I put just the right amount of water/a dash of sugarfree syrup, stevia, 1/2 tsp cocoa, dash of sea salt, 1tbsp real butter and a tea bag in the microwave until it's boiling. Then, in a container than won't slosh when I use a stick blender (which happens to be the same one I microwave in) I add one egg to all of that. Stick blendering the egg into the boiling water cooks it without turning it into scrambled eggs. I like it lots with the Hershey Dark Cocoa. (Good to do with Coffee if you like coffee, not sure about cocoa with coffee since I don't like coffee)

  4. BP coffee is just like cream.... butter is cream of the cream! Love it!


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