Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas week

It's Christmas week already! I guess it doesn't feel real since we've been having a very warm winter. A warm winter for Indiana anyway. 50ºF and no snow. Cro's dislike of snow has rubbed off on me somewhat. I don't like how other people drive in it. I definitely don't like walking on ice and snow. Snow is pretty and makes the season feel more like Christmas though!

Matt and I are doing our Christmas for each other this afternoon and going to see the latest Star Wars movie tonight. I have gifts to wrap!

Cro helped me get mom's Christmas Kindle Fire loaded up with books that she will be able to read without internet. I also created a gmail address and facebook page for her and looked up where she could find free wifi hotspots in the small towns near her. McDonalds seems to be the place she will find free wifi the most consistently but I also found a few coffee shops near her that have it. She will get a kick out of being able to use email and to see her very own facebook page. She hears me talk about facebook lots so I think she will feel more a part of the "now" if she has one. She's already had four people she knows discover it and send friend requests that will be waiting for her to accept. I'll show her the ropes.

[ 2g ] BPT
[ .6g ] a boiled egg and a frozen coconut oil fat bomb
[ 11g ] salsa chili with an oz of shredded cheddar
[ 10g ] Two Dove dark chocolates=====Total 23.6 carbs=====

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