Monday, December 14, 2015

Quiet Monday

Not much to say today but I'm typing to keep on with my re-commitment to blogging. Sometimes it's just difficult to share when life seems to be in a quiet spot and I have nothing to entertain with. It's raining so the soothing sound of vehicle tires splashing on the pavement is a constant background noise.

Ah well. It's a nice day, Cro is taking vacation days this Thursday and Friday. He has Thursday and Friday of next week off work too (Christmas!) and Thursday and Friday of New Years week off. He'll be home for our anniversary. :) 10 years! Time seems to have gone by impossibly fast and yet it also feels like we've been together always.

We will be visiting mom and my sister for Christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Loki says hi. Or more specifically "Me-owww" I've been noticing he is maturing in lots of little ways. He is of calmer temperament though he still uses purposeful tactics of annoyance (like pulling things out of the bookshelves) when he want to express himself. He is beefing up a little. Thicker neck, still sleek and boney body (I've always been able to feel the bones of his spine just under the skin of his back) but he'd got a little tummy pooch and maybe a little more muscle.

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