Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quiet Tuesday and recap on some work

Quiet Tuesday. And no I'm not worried about the quiet since I have two websites starting at any moment (waiting on client to gather their materials and info).

I recently took on a project that I was completely uncertain of specs (an ATM screen and ATM screen with Video Teller). I dove in and did them in the manner I thought was probably needed, knowing that difficult to come-by information always comes easily once a finished product is presented. My guesses were correct and the revisions were VERY minor. Yay.

Other recent (over the past month) launches include two WP websites, 10 animated banner advertisements (10 sets of 3 sizes each, so 30 banner ads really), 2 enewsletters, and an estimate for another WP website.

Besides work, the big thing on my mind has been Christmas. More specifically choosing and purchasing gifts for everyone I love. That's always a big thing and I sigh in relief once I know I've gotten the right gifts for everyone.

Next comes the job of wrapping everything! Oh, and registering and filling up the new Kindle Fire I got for mom with books she will like. Since she lives far out in the country and doesn't have internet access, I am nervous about making sure it had LOTS of books that she can read without internet connection. I am also planning to get a pre-paid Visa card and setting up her registration on it since Amazon requires a card on file. Even if she connects from the local library and wants to purchase or download one of their Amazon's free options, she will have to have an account set up with card on file. The next worry is learning everything I'll need to tell her on how to access email and free books if she does get to a wifi spot. Having it full of great books will make it less likely to turn into a fancy paperweight.


  1. That is a great gift for your mom! You really thought it out. I'm sure she will be so excited!

  2. I hope so! I looked at it a bit yesterday when it arrived but can't start setting it up until I get that pre-paid Visa card (tomorrow).


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