Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fried bologna sammy…

Because once in awhile I get a craving from childhood. Fried bologna sandwich! Slightly different now (lettuce wrap rather than bread) but not any less yummy.

I dreamt that Loki had fallen and skinned all of the skin and fur from one of his front paws. Oh my, nightmare! I scooped him up and said to Cro that I was taking him to the vet. So glad it was only a dream.

The wind was so strong yesterday that we think it messed up our DirectTV dish or cables or something. Anyway it isn't working. Cro is going to look to see if there is any obvious thing he can set back to right. If not… well, it looks like it's about time to "cut the cord" as they say. There was an email in my inbox this morning overviewing new charges. They seem to have upped the monthly bill again. It isn't due until March 2. Ima cancel it before that bill hits. Phooey on them and raising the price.

I've already signed up for Sling and we watch from our Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV the most anyway. Sling will be an adjustment but each time we've changed television service in the past I've hated it at first and eventually like it and hate whatever we change to next. The big difference for us will be that Sling is a streaming service and we won't have DVR for it. Oh, and I think I remember it not having or having less HD. Maybe we need to get an HDTV antenna. Lots of stuff to learn and adjust to.

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