Tuesday, February 23, 2016

quick and… squirrel!!

Just a quick update since I have LOADS of work to do on short deadline. HTML5 banner ads. yay :D

I was going to make chicken lettuce wraps but thought no, I need to work. Well, I need to make lunch too and they don't take THAT long. Okay, I'll make them.

And I'll have to post update later because I really do need to work (after I make lunch, lol).

It's later and I still haven't made lunch. I still have loads to do (and will for a few days) but the client is gathering a few things to give to me for the hot projects so I'll make those lettuce wraps now. I mean it's 3:30pm and I haven't had lunch (or breakfast) so I'm sort of hungry. My fault since I tend to put off eating when work stuff needs attention.

Okay… going to make food.


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