Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rabbit food? I don't think so!

Cro isn't feeling well this morning but he went in to work anyway. It's a headache and he says he didn't sleep well last night. :( I slept fine for a change.

Matt emailed with news of a new freelance project he has taken on and said they have web work too, which made him think of me of course. He asked if he could give them my name. Yay! What a nice friend.

He also had doubts about the weather in regards to the movie we were planning to see tomorrow. It's stormy-windy right now and is supposed to turn to heavy snow tonight. I'm glad he brought up that maybe we should hold off if it looks like it's going to be bad because I was thinking the same thing.

Chicken lettuce wraps again today. Between that and my fried bologna on lettuce sandwiches I think I'm going to eat an entire head of lettuce by myself this week. I love it.

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