Monday, February 22, 2016

summer no summer

I thought for sure that Indiana was going to see an early spring and that Monday's snow would be the last snow since it was in the 60's this weekend. It's colder again and snow predicted for Thursday. boo

It was windy enough to knock out our DirectTV service Friday. With the prospect of going without until a service technician could get to us (probably 7 days just to look at it), and with them increasing the monthly costs as of this month, I wondered why we even need it. An hour later and I was signed up for Sling TV and had called to cancel DirectTV.

I'm happy to report that after last night, we are liking Sling lots. I was worried that it would lag too much for us to watch Sunday night's The Walking Dead but nope. Awesome.

Every time I've changed television service I've hated it at first and then loved it so much that I hated the new one when I changed again years later. I was expecting to hate Sling at first, but no, I think I don't hate it. I think I actually like it. The $70 a month savings has a little to do with that.

I had an HTML5 banner ad project Friday and am expecting 4 more at any moment.

Matt wants us to go see a spooky movie Thursday. The Witch. Ooh, scary!

Another fried bologna and cheese on lettuce wrap and have stuffed pepper halves in the fridge.

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