Monday, February 15, 2016

TWD back from the mid-season break

The Walking Dead blew me away last night! If you haven't seen it and don't want spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

Okay, I warned you.


The mid-season break was too much waiting for me to take so a couple of weeks ago I Googled for Cliff Notes (yeah, only people around my age and older probably know what Cliff Notes even are). So I found a site that had a synopses of each of the comics up to issue 120-something. Good enough. I found where the story left off before the break and read just enough to ease my curiosity regarding what might happen if the show follows the comics.

And WOW, crazy and though it isn't cool to hope they really do kill a character, the annoying kid who starts calling out "mom… mom!… MOM!" attracted attention and oops, he's zombie snacks.

The comics went on to have the kid's mother freak out while watching her son being eaten and she herself blew her carefully guts-draped zombie camouflage. As she was being eaten, her death-grip on Carl's arm was unshakable. Carl called out to his dad for help. Rick was understandably conflicted (I mean he was sort of falling in love with the mom) but he freed Carl from her grip by chopping her arm with the axe he was carrying.

Whew… so much to process there! And that wasn't even the most intense part of the episode.

So anyway, just as I thought they weren't going to carry out the gruesome comics story of how it went down, I asked Cro if he wanted to know what happened in the comics because it seemed they weren't going to do it that way. He said yeah, tell me, so I did. And then a few minutes later, the annoying kid started freaking out and IT HAPPENED AS IT DID IN THE COMICS.

They added more but I'm done talking about it for now. More stuff happens. More things that I thought they weren't going to do, they did. And more things that I don't think were in the comics happened and that was over-the-top-awesome too.

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