Monday, February 29, 2016

Ugh. It's Monday again.

In an effort of keeping my blogging momentum going I am posting something.

Oh, our washing machine went kapoot Friday. Cro bought a new one which he said they would be calling first of the week to schedule delivery. Saturday morning and *brrrring* brrring*. We are about 20 minutes away with your washer for delivery. What?! Um okay, I thought you were going to call first? They asked if I wanted them to bring it or schedule delivery for another day. Bring it. Thank you.

So wow, that was a fast turn-around to a new washing machine.

In the past year we've had to buy a new dish washer, oven and now washing machine. I hope nothing else dies for a few years.

Cro has a terrible cold today and is working his late end-of-the-month inventory. And I have finished with my day of html5 banners, mov stadium ad and email advertising. I think I'll rewatch the latest Walking Dead.

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