Thursday, March 10, 2016

30 seconds to low-carb crunch

I found a bottle of Afrin nasal decongestant in the closet where we keep cold meds and stuff. It cleared my sinus issue and I was able to sleep! Well, at least until Loki decided I didn't need to sleep anymore and relentlessly ran, jumped, dove onto my body and leaped off to sit at the head of my bed like a vulture until I made him move… which only started another round of run, leap, catapult off of me and sit above my head again. GRRR!!! He gave up after the 20th or so time.

And in other news, I wanted something crunchy and thought I'd try making cheese crisps. A 1oz slice of cheese on parchment paper and into the microwave for 30 or so seconds = low-carb crunch! Mmm.


  1. Ooh my favorite! Hope you are feeling better. We have had the croup too. :(

  2. Feel better SheZug, HeZug and WeeZug… oh an furryZug too though if Abby is anything like Loki, she won't let you know if she is sick. :)


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