Thursday, March 24, 2016

Boaty McBoatface

I toted the bathroom trash bag to combine into the larger kitchen trash bag this morning and Loki followed me going "MEEEOWWW… MEEOW-ROW-WOW… MEEOWWW!?!". Chill dude, it's trash day. He was mighty worried about something. Maybe seeing me carrying an object out of one room and into another disturbed his finely tuned sense of world order. I don't know but he settled down again once the bathroom trash container was back in it's normal spot, sans trash. lol, neurotic kitty.

Today I'm super busy creating those tight-deadline html5 banner ads. Vikings is tonight and tomorrow is Friday. Busy-busy-rah-rah

Loki does this when he thinks my work day should be over.
Oh, have any of you read about the naming of a new ship via internet suggestions. It turned out the most popular name was Boaty McBoatface and though it has lots of people in a tizzy, I sort of love it. Too funny! I hope they really do honor the naming poll winner. :)

Fried bologna and cheese sounds like a good lc breakfast.


  1. Animals can be so perceptive. I don't know what us work at home fur baby mommies would do without them, though. My pretty girl Miss Daisy Doggie keeps me sane.

  2. How did you get that cheese thing so square?

  3. Hi Angie-loo. :)

    The cheese was square cut when I bought it and doesn't change much when I nuke it on parchment paper. I did line two in a row so they would melt together enough that I could fold it over the sandwich.

    Love my Loki though he is a rat at time. He thankfully sleeps through most of my working hours. It's when I try to work a little late that he starts the annoyance tactics to get me to give him attention rather than the computer.


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