Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It's almost noon and I am still not hungry which surprises me considering yesterday I had nothing but the Master Cleanse lemonade. Ooops, correction, typing about not being hungry made my stomach speak up. Growl! Okay, I diced up and mixed ingredients for chicken lettuce wraps so I guess I'll go cook it.

Loki wasn't having it this morning when I wanted to take a photo of his cute curly-tongue yawn. Instead I got this alienesque close-up. Bug-eyed-monster! Eep!

Matt emailed to ask if I wanted to see the Ghibli movie next week and the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman movie the following week. Yay! :) I want to see the new Cloverfield movie too. Too many movies to see. Not-a-problem problem.

Cro bought an archery target and glove and dusted off his bow to do some target practice in the back yard late yesterday afternoon. He came inside an hour or so later and said he couldn't feed himself. I asked what that means, thinking it was some archery term for feeding the arrows to the bow. Then I realized he meant exactly what he said. He hasn't practiced archery in 10 years and was no longer good enough to hit the mark… therefore if he was a hunter he wouldn't be able to feed himself. Lol… he just needs to keep at it and his skills will come back. He was at least hitting the target bag even if not the bullseye.

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