Friday, March 4, 2016

Cough-cough, Yum-yum, Bye-bye

Cro is still sick but working from home so he doesn't have a mountain to make up for on Monday. I went out to Walgreens this morning to get some Delsym to hopefully help reduce his cough a little.

I made a couple of yummy fried bologna and spicy cheese on lettuce wraps for myself. Wow, the cheese is very spicy! I like it.

I checked the crazy scam magazine signup and they did have my info in the system this morning. So I cancelled it. What a crock to have to worry about cancelling a magazine subscription that I didn't even sign up for.

The last photo is from yesterday when we did have another bout of snow. It's melted now. Bye-bye snow. Cya later this year.

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