Friday, March 18, 2016

It's Friday so why the heck not?

It's Friday so why the heck not?

I don't know where that came from but one of my facebook people posts habitually on Friday asking posts of random thoughts. That is my random thought. I don't even know what my thought is referring to… maybe "I thought this random sentence so why the heck not post it?"

I made the most delightful fried bologna/fried cheese "sandwich" yesterday. Nuked the cheese to a get crispy but foldable(while hot) "bun" and filled with fried bologna and a couple of slices of cold cheese. Yum. Though I had to eat it leaning over a napkin because every bite broke crispy pieces from my crispy cheese.

Someone has taken a bite out of my sammich. Oh, it was me, right.

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