Tuesday, March 22, 2016

pew pew pew!

Cro has built a stand to hold his archery target and has been practicing enough that he has a big bruise on the inside of one of his arms. He'll regain his accuracy in no time. :)

And I have a new goal of nearly-marathon exercise recumbent biking inspired by Eddy Izzard's 27 marathons (real marathons with running outdoors and all that) in 27 days success.

A marathon is a little over 26 miles. Five miles is my current recumbent bike ability but 20 miles was my top, I think. I'd like to work my way back up to doing 20 miles in a sitting and doing that 3 times a week. Health! I may dust off my own bow and join Cro at target shooting at some point. (haha, point. unintended pun)

I feel the weight of taxes still needing to be done. I guess I'll stop procrastinating and make an effort of that today. :( taxes. boo.

Movie with Matt tomorrow though! Yay.


  1. What movie are you going to see?

    I got my taxes done yesterday. I never get them done this early, but with me being out of town, I literally had no choice.

    Self-employment is scary, esp. at tax time... <3

  2. Dummy! I did my taxes over a year ago!

  3. We are going to see a Studio Ghibli film, "Only Yesterday". He also said he has goodies for me, that he's ben going through old boxes of papers, books and magazines. He's such a great friend.

    Self-employment is fun in lots of other ways – but taxes, no. Not at all.

    I'm so excited that you are blogging again! *big bear hug*


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