Wednesday, March 30, 2016

*tax prep hell is now over*


A huge weight is lifted from my shoulders now that tax prep is done and ready to mail to the accountant. There is still the paying taxes part (nope, no refund for self-employed me), and the paying the accountant part but I can worry about those things another time.

I worked on some Texas home builder updates and Matt's film fest pre-season site so film makers can access entry forms for the 2016 festival.

Tomorrow I start on a new site for the small agency. Tomorrow is also Cro's late night of work doing the month's inventory.

Tonight Matt and I are going to see the Batman V Superman movie.

Google has offered their NIK collection photo editing software suite for free download. I played with it for a few minutes but playing for much longer minutes could produce some fantastic stuff.

Here's my few minutes of play on the Blue Herron photo I took last week. He's at the edge of the creek and smack in the middle.


Also here is Loki again using the Sinister filter (how appropriate).

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  1. Proud of you for getting it all figured out in March. <3

    I will have to check out the software. I'm headed to Sedona today, so those pics might be fun to tinker with. :)



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