Monday, March 28, 2016

tax time dinner

A quick note to say I'm still here. I'm in the middle of doing-my-taxes-hell. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day of that.

And a pic of Easter dinner. Cro made a spicy glaze for the turkey that was over-the-top good. My garlic-butter cauliflower puree was yummy, the butternut squash was tossed in an apple-cider vinegar and thyme mixture before roasting, the cornbread and dab of cranberry sauce were not low carb.


  1. It was. Did you and your boys have a special meal for Easter?

    1. Oh yea, folks brought some brisket from Texas and mom made potato salad and beans.

    2. Cro would love that as a holiday meal. He LOVES potato salad.


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