Thursday, March 3, 2016


Magazine contests that covertly subscribe you to a magazine subscription SUCK.

  1. I entered an innocent looking contest.
  2. I received an order confirmation thanking me for subscribing.
  3. Huh???????

So now I have to wait 24 hours until their website has me in the system before I can do anything about trying to unsubscribe to what I didn't subscribe to. If that doesn't work (given the fact that their customer service number is 1-800-555-1234 I don't hold out much hope) I am supposed to wait for the first paper invoice to arrive with the first issue of magazine (that I DID NOT subscribe to) and write DID NOT SUBSCRIBE - PLEASE CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION on it and mail it back.

Can they really get away with subscribing me to their magazine without permission? I've googled to see if it's happened to other people and I guess it's a pretty old scam. People are claiming that they even get angry collection agency letters and have seen it reported to damage their credit scores.


Here are screenshots of the contest I entered (no hint of subscription, just an ENTER button for the contest) and of the email I got thanking me for the order I DID NOT place.

Yeah, I'm pissed off.

Contest form I entered - it does not say subscribe to magazine.

Thank you for entering page (I touched nothing)

Email I then received. WHAT THE @#$%!!!

And back to normal blogging stuff. Cro is still sick but he is working from home. I'm not sick yet (knock on wood) and have been taking some mega vitamin C to help prevent it.

I'm also trying the Master Cleanse diet today. Probably only today because omg yuck!!!

It's much more difficult for me to get down than egg-fast. I should stop with the quick fix hopes and just go back to strict low carb or slow carb and tracking it again. I have documented for myself what works.

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