Wednesday, April 6, 2016

another year, another squirrel

I doubt it's the very same squirrel as the one who chattered in Loki's face last year, but it could be. My doubt is due to seeing various predators who might enjoy a snack of squirrel… owls and hawks and Cro saw a coyote at the edge of our yard on the other side of the creek a few days ago. Same or not, squirrels in our back yard share the same love of raiding the bird feeders. Loki's tail swishing speaks to his unfulfilled desire to stomp some squirrel butt.

Work for me today consists of more building out the small agency's website. I sent an email to the server dude who is going to host it and requested that he increase the upload size limit. I'll keep building it on my own server space for now since he probably won't respond until this evening.


  1. One of the best moments for me as Daisy's Mommy is watching her look at other animals.... Love how cute Loki is... I think that is his main talent... Lookie at Loki!!

    (Do you pronounce it like low-key?)

    1. House animals are so fun to watch when they spy and outdoors animal. Loki (yeah, prounounced low-key) quivers and swishes his tale. I know if he could get through the window he'd leap toward them, so I leave the window down far enough that he can't do that!


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