Monday, April 25, 2016

death and cancellations

The weekend went by super fast and now is gone. I made a pot of salsa-chili yesterday evening in prep for LC eats this week.

My cousin canceled his KickStarter over the weekend for reasons out of his control. He discovered there is a similar product already on the market. I was so hopeful for his great idea. Ah well, I think I'm more disappointed that he is, he said that things like this happen and he is ready to move forward with the next idea.

Blah, I just watched part of a video Gizmodo posted on their facebook page. "The Most Terrifying Workplace Safety Video You'll Ever See". More like the most sickening and disturbing. I couldn't watch all of it and wish I hadn't watched the first bit. People getting sucked into the equipment they are working with is not the recipe for sweet dreams for me. Yes I know it really happens. Yes, it even happened to a guy Cro used to know. No I don't want to think about it.

Speaking of death, I'm changing the subject to fake deaths I can better deal with. Game of Thrones is back for it's sixth season. The first episode was very very good. In a way I wish HBO could be like Netflix and release the entire season at once. Yeah, I'd watch it all in one week, but I would like it that way. Me of little patience.

I just now realize Fear The Walking Dead was on last night too. Game of Thrones took my entire attention away for the evening and half of today.

I'm thinking about selling my Fender Stratocaster for some extra cash. Cro's birthday is coming soon. :)


  1. Sad about that already being invented. It's such a brilliant idea. My guy loves Game of Thrones. I'm too ADD to be a tv girl, but I do love audio books. I have it on good authority that both the tv series and books are spectacular.

    What would you say is your current tv show?

  2. My favorite show that is currently on is Game of Thrones, the books are even more great. Of the shows that are in season break, I LOVE Black Sails and The Walking Dead (NOT Fear TWD, the original one).

    I'm a book girl too, and Cro is into audio books. I can't listen to them while I work (need full focus on work). When not working, I like to hear my own imagination as I read rather than listening to it being read to me.


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