Monday, April 11, 2016

failed cooking blues

I tried to make Volcano Shrimp in the style of what I get at Outback. It would have been good if I hadn't overcooked the shrimp. Instead it's like rubber shrimp… not really edible. Poor shrimp. First to be born a bug, and next to be dishonored in death by someone overcooking you. Maybe the shrimp are laughing in the shrimp after-world. Ha Ha Ha human! You will not enjoy eating us!

The weekend was good. I worked a little bit to solve a problem in which I needed to hide meta info (date of post) for a portfolio. I was super pleased to have figured it out since sometimes it's difficult deciphering someone else's code. Here's the finished site. Graphics by Matt.

And here's my rubbery Volcano shrimp pic. :( The sauce was tasty but I ate two shrimp and couldn't take anymore.

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