Friday, April 15, 2016

Meeting with The Boss

Matt and I saw The Boss yesterday evening. Or as he said "Meeting with The Boss". It was a fun movie! It stars Melissa McCarthy … and Peter Dinklage was in it! No GoT Iron Throne was up for grabs but he did attempt to steal her girl scout cookie brownie business. Matt said he wanted brownies after the movie. lol

And now for a shameless plug…
My cousin Loren has designed a desktop/tabletop drink holder and put it on Kickstarter. It is a great design, is his first Kickstarter, and is so close to being funded it's not funny. He is doing this Kickstarter to get his name out there as a successful maker before finishing his Monkey Wrench game (the one I illustrated steampunk monkeys for).

Cro and I have both pledged to buy a couple drink holders and are looking forward to seeing the project fly! Here's Loren's video and link to the Kickstarter (Click the K in upper left of video) if you are interested.

In other news… yay, it's Friday again!

Mom called last night to ask me to find a Safety Key for the new Treadmill she purchased. I guess she convinced them to sell the floor model and they packed her off with it, without the Safety Key that's required for it to even be used. Then they asked her to bring the whole thing back and they would order a new one for her. She lives way in a rural area and the treadmill was HEAVY. No way she was going to cart it back there and wait for another to be ordered. Crazy. Cro found a safety key for it on Amazon for $12 so she should be treading away come Monday.

Oh, and a former co-worker texted to let me know he has another freelance client who needs a website. Yay! It's a rum brewery. No, I'm not doing the work in trade… though I do like rum. :-9

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